What makes Fireworks’ Hot Room the Best in Town?

Nobody else has that many!

Benefits: Radiant heat is healthy heat. An abundance of current research points to the extreme benefits of Far-Infrared Therapy in heart health, cancer reduction, and healing, improvement of arthritis, pain reduction, sleep issues, skin disturbances, cellular reproduction, and more. Those who utilize IR therapy will tell you that many benefits are immediate and apparent. It’s something you need to experience!


Some studios have to seal their room to generate enough heat to benefit the body during a workout. Breathing stagnant air can be unhealthy and hinder your training. We have enough heat panels to cycle 100% of the air in the room every 15 minutes.

Benefit: You’re breathing clean, fresh air while enjoying all the benefits of a hot workout.


Hardwood floors look great in pictures but are hard on the body. Our flooring system is designed specifically for yoga studios.

Benefits: Better grip even in wet conditions. Firm, positive feedback with just the right amount of shock absorption.


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